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Univermag Department Store

Project: New flagship department store.

Location: Moscow, Russia

Brief: 24,000m2 flexible retail trading over 6 floors with rooftop restaurant and 3 levels of underground parking.

The overall aim is to develop an icon building which purely demonstrates the idea of modern-day retail - its excitement, dynamism and quality, whilst providing a simple rectangular volume, reflecting the functional requirement of the traditional department store, and elaborating on the diverse, large-scale nature of its location. Within the volume is a very simple planning arrangement - providing openness, flexibility and maximum visibility.

There are two major focal points in the building - a centrally-located, inverted, cone-shaped light void with staggered escalators, and a completely transparent main facade with parallel escalators, allowing views to the city and into the store.

The main facade acts as huge display screen, exposing a series of layers and activities to the city and public  - advertising and artwork, escalators and customer flow, interiors and atmosphere. The side facades are made up of random patterns of varying materials, with inset window displays for advertising and lighting effects.

The rooftop restaurant, which hovers over the street below, acts as a symbol, bringing a distinct visual element and giving fantastic views of the city.

Project Manager: Prodema

Engineers: DM Engineering; Dewhurst MacFarlane & Partners

Univermag Department Store

Univermag Department Store

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