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Trubnaya office building

Project: New office development.

Location: Moscow, Russia.

Brief: 9,000m2 class A shell & core office building with foyer areas and restaurant facilities.

The basic design requirement was to provide a landmark building of contemporary design in the city centre, whilst providing a functional, efficient building with maximum gross to net usable ratios.

The 8 storey building comprises 6 floors of open plan office space above 2 levels of parking set into the natural slope of the site. At the lower part of the site are 2 levels of retail / restaurant space.

The general concept for the building is based on movement. The overall form may be compared with that of a ship or train, with a covering, green rendered shell raised  over a solid base of black granite.

Strip windows run diagonally  around the facade, dispersing into a random pattern on the front curve of the upper volume, and coming to an abrupt halt for a recessed, vertical grey slot where the second phase would join.

Since completion the building has received international publicity as a milestone in the development of Russian architecture and has received two major architectural awards.

At the back of the building is a free standing stair tower, freeing-up open plan space and allowing access to the roof.

Engineer: URS Thorborn

Project Manager: Prodema

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