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Pool House & Outdoor Pool, Surrey

The Pool House was commissioned to McAdam Architects in September 2009.

The brief was for an external swimming pool (20 x 8m), with recreational pool house and spa facility in a single-storey volume, as an additional function to a large private residence.

The pool house is located at the top of a steep sloping green field site in the grounds of a private estate. To the south it has extensive views over the surrounding countryside and to the north it is concealed by an existing pine and birch woodland. The area is designated “An Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty”.

One of the main challenges in the project was to satisfy client expectations for a contemporary and elaborate facility, whilst adhering to the demanding restrictions imposed by the planning authorities in the ANOB. Exact location, size, scale, shape, external appearance and materials were all subject to detailed discussion to ensure that the impact of the new building on its visual environment was negligible. After extensive discussions with the planners it was granted full planning permission in April 2010.

The design of the pool house has been approached in a very simple way - by introducing two modest shed-like volumes of 80m2 set in an L-shape around the pool. Both of these volumes are clad in oak planks and are roofed with oak shingles. They have concealed gutter details giving the appearance that facade and roof are wrapped in one material. The sheds have a set eaves height of 3m and ridge of 5.4m. The recreation shed has horizontal planks whereas the spa shed cladding is vertical.

Planning permission granted in 2010. Building completed - oct 2012.

Structural engineer: Miller Rogers

Building services engineer: Beverley Design Services

Pool / Spa consultant: Rainbow Pools

Quantity surveyor: Henry A. Newman & Partners

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