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Larch House

The Larch House is located in the affluent part of Moscow's suburbs - on Rublevsky Shores, to the north west of the city.

The area, which is original the home of Soviet Goverment dachas, has recently became a base for the nouveau riche, resulting in the sporadic development of large houses of all shapes and styles of architecture, with little attention to local culture, building methods or sustainability. 

Although substantial in size and generous in budget, the fundamental aim of this project was to set a new benchmark in the design of the Russian house - responding directly to Moscow's climatic, cultural and social environment, whilst utilizing simple form and traditional materials.

The design of the house provides a spiral form around a central south facing courtyard, with main living accommodation talking up taller elements of the volume (to the east), and the swimming pool/ sports facility in the lower  elements with terraces above (to the west).

Internal courtyard elevations are completely glazed and open, allowing the central space to be used as an additional room during the summer, whereas external facades of the house are clad in solid planes of larch planks with minimal window openings, giving protection against the Russian winter.

Access to the house is via a red-glazed brick arch at the centre of a flat street facade, concealing the nature of the spaces behind.

The main interior spaces are minimal and airy, with solid oak floors, white plastered walls and dark slate fire places.

Total area: 1200 sq.m

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