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House 20, Pozdnyakovo

Project: Private residence 

Location: Moscow Region

Brief: 1500m2 house with swimming pool, service buildings and 1.2 hectare gardens 

House 20 re-defines the “New Russian Villa” as a sophisticated but pragmatic dwelling place, providing spaces and facilities for living and entertainment, whilst avoiding the use of decorative elements or traditional references.

The site, in the north-west suburbs of Moscow, was previously a partially forested area. The design process was motivated by the protection and integration of the existing pine trees into the new landscape. The house was carefully positioned so that each part interacts with its surroundings in a particular way, according to its function.

In response to the functional requirements of the brief and desire to maximize views and light, the house has been planned as an irregular cross-shape, affording each of the main spaces natural light from at least two sides. This form enables a reduction in the scale and mass of the house, as it becomes a cluster of four distinct rectangular volumes.  To complement this idea, these volumes are clad alternately with white limestone and red cedar planks, with areas of glazing or windows to suit internal function.

The south facade of the house upens up onto a series of wood and stone terraces, which overlook a central lawn dissected by a linear pond and fountain feature.  The new and existing landscape juxtaposed with the material and spacial qualities of the house bring the user a heightened sensory experience.  

Engineers: Malishev Wilson, Business Air, DME

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