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The Desna Centre for Senior Living, Moscow

This project is for an integrated senior living centre which combines independent living, assisted living, long-term care for the frail and elderly, and an urban day care facility.

The Centre is located on a large urban site in the middle of a new 45,000 population urban settlement in the Moscow Agglomeration Area.  

The 15,000sqm centre is made up of two 7-storey volumes which are placed with north-south orientation, either side of a communal garden. It comprises over 200 residential units, social amenities, fitness and well-being facilities, recreational spaces, and shared communal areas – all under one roof, so that in winter there is no need to leave the building.

One of the volumes comprises 108 apartments for independent living, the other 132 units for assisted living. The two blocks are connected at first floor level by a central communal garden. The garden space is exclusively for the use of the residents of the centre and is easily accessed via a glazed gallery.

The ground level plinth allows public access via a ‘passage’ foyer a cutting through the building, with cafes, shops and cloakrooms. This level houses the fitness and well-being centre which includes a swimming pool and spa facility.

The Desna centre is in the advanced planning stage and is due to go on-site in 2017.

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