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The Church of St Barbara & the Holy Rosary, Krasnador

Project: New Catholic Church.

Location: Krasnodar, South Russia

Brief: 400 congregation Catholic Church with bell tower and adjoining residence.

This unusual project was for a traditional Catholic Church, located on a beautiful site in an open field beside a small lake.

The main design criteria was that the church could be seen from all angles, as a pure white, floating object in an open landscape - moving in the direction of the lake. 

The main interior space is a large open volume with random strip windows, creating varying lighting conditions at different times of the day, but without views out. 

The half-elliptical bell tower at the centre of the building sends a shaft of softened light into a semi-circular alcove as a backdrop to the altar.

Since its inauguration by the Papal Envoy in November 1999, the church has become a landmark in the city and its congregation has doubled.


Local Consultant: Goloverov Architects

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