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1905 Apart Hotel, Central Moscow

A raised copper-clad volume specifically designed and sculptured to enhance and obscure local views in a central but industrial inner-city area.

The 1905 Apart-Hotel is a serviced apartment building located in central Moscow. The project originates from the overwhelming demand for long-term hotel accommodation from international and regional business. 

The site is located on Rochdelskaya St, an industrial backstreet, in close proximity to The White House (Federal Government), the Moscow International Trade Centre and the recently developed CBD – Moscow City. It is positioned close to the Moscow River at the foot of a hilly residential area, not far from Metro 1905 – named after the 1905 Revolution. 

The brief was to provide 12,000sqm of high-specification serviced apartments comprising 65 suites, with hotel dining, lounge and fitness facilities at street level.

The development is composed of an L-shaped block standing on a two-storey glazed plinth, which is set into the steep slope of the site. The building wraps around a raised courtyard garden, which is set above 2 levels of underground parking.

The shape of the building and its façade treatment are a direct response to its immediate visual surroundings. The south and west elevations are designed in a saw-tooth arrangement, with alternating glazed and copper-clad vertical strips - to enhance the best local views, whilst obscuring close-up views of neighboring buildings. This technique aims to shield the Apart-Hotel residents from a visually harsh surrounding environment, in the mainly industrial area. 

The east end of the building is fully glazed to overlook a small park area and give distant views of the White House, whilst the internal courtyard facades are treated with an informal composition of balconies and windows to suit the internal planning of suites.

The entrance to the building is at the centre of the glazed plinth with reception area with hotel bar / lounge at the ground level. Via a series of voids the space opens to a gallery space with hotel restaurant, bar and informal meeting areas.

This project is presently in the planning process.

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