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Country House in Pine Forest

Project: New country residence.

Location: Moscow Region, Russia.

Brief: 1,000m2 country house with indoor pool, winter garden, roads, varying garden landscapes and amenity buildings.

The outline concept is based on the idea that the house must peacefully integrate with its natural surroundings in 18 hectares of Russian pine forest, with elements of transparency and unclear visual barriers between inside and outside, and its positioning on, and part of a natural slope in the foresThe main house comprises two opposing volumes: a square residential block of white limestone incorporating a central, double-height winter garden and all living areas: and a long, rectangular, sloping volume of grey basalt, housing a 25m long swimming pool and sports facilities.

Bay windows, inset balconies, irregular fenestration and occasional transparent and cantilevered elements satisfy the varied interior requirements, whilst breaking down the clean-cut geometry of the volumes, allowing the house to co-exist with the forest.

Engineers: URS Thorborn; Business Air

Cost Consultant: Hanscomb

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